Slavic Wizardess of Movement

Bereginya is in every woman who embodies nature itself respecting the principles of the universe as well as freedom of its movement.

Welcome to the world of Bereginyas! — Place of Preservation of Old Values in the Spirit of the New. The birthplace of the Healthy New, where the new is supported by the Wisdom of the Old. A place of Personal Transformation. Teachings of Eternal Knowledge and Timeless Truths. A place where a woman is safe supported and loved, where she can meet what is the most important – herself. Welcome to the place of change that is necessary for Humanity – the change of Self.




I am very glad to have the opportunity to announce the online workshops of the Slavic Feminine Bereginyas Practice in English for all sisters from all parts of the world. The practice of Bereginyas is the ancient spiritual feminine practice.
It involves cultivating the feminine principle through meditation, contemplation and movement. Through learning about the sacred meanings of movement. A holy attitude towards oneself, life and everyday things that make up our life.Each of the 27 Bereginyas carries its own Archetype/Aspect/Energy. Placed in three worlds, Down, Middle and Upper World, each one from the place of its world helps us to connect with those three spheres of our existence.


How does a Woman Create?

A woman creates from Peace From Harmony A woman creates through the preservation of herself everything she has, and all the values that are already in her A woman creates through Song, Play and Lightness Through gratitude towards everything that exists A woman creates...

Fairy Woman

Seemingly unattainable and elusive. Their changeability is attractive, the airiness takes the breath away and awakens the desire for freedom. With it, you travel through time and space without even the slightest movement. But it is precisely this spirit of theirs that...

Woman of Fire

Woman of fire ready to die to be reborn… Ready to burn all the bridges because she knows that by doing so she will give herself wings to fly. Determined to NEVER lose herself again, but to lose in her daring everything else that is not her. It will seem to others that...

Tradition Unchained (Let It Be Spoken)

Tradition is not ethnic shoes, tradition is grounded feet Tradition is not a decoration, tradition is the inheritance of the virtue of ancestors Tradition is not baptismal glory, tradition is awareness of who you give your attention to Tradition is not a folk song,...

I AM LATICA, the Slavic Wizardess of MOVEMENT. Teacher of Practice of Bereginyas. Dancer in the Light. She who learns and teaches the Language of the SOUL. My main Bereginya is the Bereginya of Transformation 5th circle – Prav. circle – Prav. I study and teach PRACTICE OF BEREGINYAS. am here to help people in the Middle World with the help of the Upper and Lower Worlds. 

The system of Knowledge and my Method of work

This system of knowledge has 27 Bereginyas (Energies/Archetypes). The entire system of their mutual networking, relations, and communication are based on the principle of the Golden Section and the Slavic Horosop of Kin. There are actually 3 times 9 Bereginyas (because of 3 worlds Upper, Down and Middle World), which makes a total of 27 of them. So, the perfect system of the Universe, on the basis of which there is a large number of approaches and communication with this practice. Also through this system, we have the possibility to get the information we need and to work on ourselves through our field of interest. Accordingly, the approaches are varied, and in the following text, I will focus on the fields that I personally deal with and what you can get by working with me.


I traveled together with the Latica through several Lunar cycles and each of them was special and wonderful. Each of them gave me exactly what I needed. The energy of love and support was always felt by every woman who was on our journey together. I received wonderful insights and messages through each Bereginja and felt the support of all worlds, both male and female. What I find especially wonderful about Bereginje is that it is only a female practice, and at this moment our Mother Earth needs the strengthening of female energy and female principles so that this world will finally start living on the foundations of cooperation, support, tenderness, and help. Through this practice, we embrace our femininity and sensuality as our strength and the source of our powers. This is the practice that is closest to us from this geographical area, and that's why when you start you feel how natural it is to us and how much we actually lacked it to make us whole. I am also grateful to Latica and this wonderful supportive, nurturing and healing practice.

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Valentina Šipuš

Economist and spiritual searcher

My first meeting with Latica was love at first sight. I saw a smiling, warm, playful fairy with an open heart. Her deliberations, wisdom, right intention and selfless sharing of her time, knowledge, skills, and empathy were a significant part of my support in personal development and life.
And when she started dealing with Bereginyas, I knew, That's it! The petal is the manifestation of Kindred Knowledge on Earth and in Existence. Her ability to transmit Knowledge and its multidimensionality, allow everyone, whatever their physical abilities were at a given moment, to experience the benefits of Bereginyas.
Persevering, wise, loving, well-intentioned, big-hearted, magical... All kinds of things packed into that tiny fairy, a great woman, whom I have the honor to call my Petal.

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Aleksandra Bjelica


Working and communicating with Latica is like reading a top textbook on marketing-motivation-creative ideas-professional communication with clients, but much, much upgraded with her personal artistic stamp, an abundance of metaphysical knowledge and most importantly, great personal experience. The petal lives what it conveys, it is an inspiration in every sense. Her knowledge is stable and grounded, her insights are superb and such that they encouraged me to do even more personal work, in the areas that are the most important, which are personal shadows. We all know that it's nice when it's easy. When it comes to difficult content, this is where true courage is shown. Latica fearlessly motivated me to deal with my shadows and burdens, on the way to healing and important life realizations. I still haven't integrated the knowledge of Bereginyas the way I want, but I'm so happy that Latica is doing it for eternity, so the knowledge and her gifts will be there when my time comes.

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Milena Jojić

Translator and Project Manager

Working with Latica was something completely new for me, but that place of our meeting was full of security and understanding. With Latica, I felt like I was next to a mother, or an older sister who will always be there for me to help me and comfort me... And that is the most important thing in Women's Circles. I could turn to Latica anytime and she would always have time for me. And still has. And for that, I thank her immensely. And Thank you for the amount of inspiration she transmitted through workshops and every day just through social networks. A wonderful teacher and friend.
I want to be like our Latica!

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Dea Maria Računica

Acting student

I recognized Latica a year ago. Although we haven't seen each other in person yet, she is always present in my life. When I am calm and celebrate my feminine nature and when I need soothing, I always find it either in dancing or in meditation. Wild woman, One who knows and who lives her authenticity, I am immensely grateful to know her.

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Nevena Topalović


Latica introduced me to the healing world of Bereginyas and opened some new doors for me and introduced me to the world of peace and faith in myself. I am at the very beginning of learning, but every movement pleases me as well as time set aside for myself, thanks to love, the desire to pass on knowledge and the magical smile of our dear Latica, I think I will progress in finding myself, enjoying the gift of my ancestors and new beautiful days. She would recommend everyone to try it, even if you don't find yourself, you will meet many wonderful women who will brighten your life like my women's circles to me.

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Jelena Gigić


Since I met with Bereginyas and through the Workshops, I got to know the way of performing and the meaning of each one, not only my body has strengthened, but I often get compliments that I look younger and more natural. My perception and my way of thinking are radically changing. Through work and practice, I get to know myself and see the cause of unwanted events and situations. As well as the path to the fulfillment of your intentions and desires. Thank you dear Latica for holding space and supporting personal growth and development through beautifully designed workshops. Each one takes me one step further towards my desired state and the fulfillment of my soul's desires.

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Marina Đurkin

Practitioner of Integrative Kinesiology

I did various techniques, studied spiritual directions, etc. I came to Latica quite "by chance", even via Vancouver (I live in Belgrade).
I went through several workshops that Latica did with us. What I got is priceless both physically and spiritually. While I'm practicing Bereginyas, my energy rose like never before. Also, working with symbols provides insights, precisely those that are needed at a given moment. I recommend this practice to everyone, which over time becomes a way of life. Thank you Latica to the sky and beyond for so selflessly imparting this precious knowledge.

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Mirjana Pavlović

Eternal seeker of truth,

Getting to know Bereginyas, and therefore Latica as a teacher, was a wonderful, emotional and very liberating experience. I am grateful to her for everything and delighted with her devotion to this practice! I am looking forward to furthering cooperation through the practice of Bereginyas in such a wonderful company!

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Sofija Simčić

Clothing technician

Last year I started my journey with the Slavic runes and they guided me to go through the basic training of the Slavic practice of Bereginyas with Latica. In the beginning, some of the exercises were really difficult for me, but during the daily performance, they improved. I had various energy fluctuations due to the onset of menopause, which improved incredibly quickly, so now I don't have energy drops like before, I don't fall into depression and I can freely say that my positive attitude and outlook on the world are energetically transferred to both my husband and to the environment around me.
I am really grateful to Latica for holding the training and in the future, I hope to join another one of the training.

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Ljiljana Jovanović


We live in a time when women have forgotten to be women, in fact, many don't even know what it means to be a woman anymore. "Slavic gymnastics dance Beringinja" does not only exercise that will help our body to be vital and in good shape, it is what gives us the opportunity to establish a balance between the spirit and the body. If I were to write all that I discovered and experienced with the help of Bereginyas, I could write and write... Just one more thing, everyone who wants to find their true self, discover a woman, a primal woman in themselves, should definitely try Bereginyas. I would like to thank Latica for her hard work and desire to share her knowledge and skills with us.

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Tatjana Kajić

My Main Bereginyas is Success in Actions, and I am one of the many who have felt and recognized the call of Bereginyas.
In October of last year, Latica appeared with a wonderful story and I remember that big "Aaa what is this and how could I not have known about this"?
As I myself came to the knowledge and strength of my ancestral lines, this was a healing path.
The practice with the Latica is wonderful and profound and gives something so new-old in a wonderful and authentic release.
Already on the first day of practice, the influx of energy was enormous, and after a month of daily practice, the pains that were already chronic disappeared. What cannot be bypassed is the cleansing of relationships, subconsciousness, soul, and body.....
And what is so unique about Latica is her boldness to go deeper and deeper in search of the wonders of our ancestors, while playing like a little girl.
The combination of spiritual and physical movement is magical.
Thank you for this common journey of great knowledge.

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Tanja Mirošljević Vujović

I have lived in the UK for 5 years, and this internship means a lot to me here.
My experience working with Latica has been wonderful. With incredible ease, she transfers her knowledge and experience to us who listen to her, very receptive and recognizable "material", and somewhere I believe that this is the point, that we just need to remind ourselves of who we really are. It is wonderful to find time for this practice, it enriches the Soul and balances energy, calms strengthens, and gives Hope, Faith, and Self-confidence.
I hope that Latica will "do this work" for a long time and spread the knowledge of Bereginyas to other women, in her unobtrusive and noble way.

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Ana Papić


I found out about Bereginyas and Latica spontaneously, through women who are in contact with her.
The practice of Bereginyas is a wonderful tool for working on yourself. They restore calmness and harmony, lightness and concentration. I still can't put into words a lot of what I felt about Bereginyas. The simplest exercises I have come across, yet so powerful and important for every woman. On one occasion it happened that I could not walk, I had some health problems. I started doing Bereginje, and the very next day I jumped with strength and mobility, I couldn't recognize that it was me, that my body suddenly had that speed and ease of movement like a Ballerina.
For Latica, I can say that there is no end in sight to the delight and inspiration she gives.
So much breadth, freedom, imagination, knowledge, measured character for every occasion, skill and ancient stamp in one woman!

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Veronika Tomić

Violin teacher and freelance artist

For me, every time I work with Latica is "a way to my self-love". A way to feel me, to nurture myself, to listen to what is in my soul. I also see a life teacher in Latica. I'm glad that my friend Monika showed me all that and that now I can intuitively go further and further with Latica's help.

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Mia Egić

I met the Bereginyas quite by chance (although wise people say that there are no coincidences) when I was looking for information about the habits of our ancestors in the month of May this year... And that's how the path led me to Latica and the information about the Bereginyas... Very much was interesting so I was happy with her first introduction to Bereginyas, practice and symbols. Excellent, clear and with a lot of quality information, so I can say that I realized how powerful they are... I drew the symbols (I'm very interested in them) and I try to work hard in performing the basic practice. I must say that it is not easy at all, even though the positions look simple. I am impressed by the knowledge that Latica possesses and that she is ready to give us in such an understandable way.

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Lili Hubej


Guided and inspired by Latica, Fairy and Sister, I started the cycle several times with the intention of a good, strong and flowing Self... Supported by the energy of the sisters, inspired by the desire for growth and because of the feeling of the lack of beauty in the Being, whenever I did my Personal Sequence... As if Bereginje I whisper to the ear of my heart that I love myself more and more and look a little closer at the beauty of the Life that flourishes in me... everything is there... it is vivid and tangible as soon as I want to return to Myself... I thank you.
Thank you, Latica, for being a beacon, a transmitter, a companion, wind at our backs, support for hearts, an embrace of the soul for so many of us to whom you extend your arms so that you would accept, understand, support and strengthen us all on the path of Self-Love, Surrender to the Flow and Belief in Life.

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Nataša Mrđen

Worshiper of the Light, Seeker of Peace and discoverer of the Embrace

Once you enter the Bereginyas circle, with quiet, gentle steps, recognition happens. Bereginya in You, and You in Them. One turn around and you realize that you have received support for a lifetime. Warm, sisterly support that has your back as you grow and open your buds to heaven. And there is no more beautiful person to start this recognition than dear sister Latica. From the one who lives that practice with all her heart, and like the greatest teachers, unobtrusively awakens it and finds it in you. Each of her lectures ignites sparks of curiosity and questioning to which Latica selflessly responds and shares her comprehensive knowledge as pure human kindness.

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Daria Lovrinović

Yoga teacher
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Ana Jevgenijević

An artist

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Every woman has a unique path in accordance with her rhythm of growth and development. That’s why in my work I try to provide a variety of approaches so that everyone can find exactly what they need at a given moment.

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