The Practice of Bereginyas

DANCE OF BEREGINYAS is a Slavic spiritual energy practice for women. It is also called Slavic Yoga, Slavic Gymnastics for Women, or Sacred Dance of the Slavic Wizardess… but all these are names for the SLAVIC MAGIC OF MOVEMENTS. his practice is intended only for women, is based on ancient Slavic knowledge and represents one of the most powerful languages of the movement that harmonises female energy with the principles of nature and the universe.

The practice is carried out through movements, connecting with symbols and affirmations. Each of these three performance modes is powerful on its own. And it is most powerful when all three are connected. Each of the 27 Bereginyas has its movement and symbol that activates its energy, that aspect or archetype in us. Then we become aware of this aspect in ourselves and have the possibility to manage it and provide ourselves with energy balance, stability, health and many other benefits of our feminine nature. The benefits of the practice itself are in all fields – physically, emotionally and mentally.

Equal attention is given to each of these three fields and their mutual integration. Because those three fields are, among other things, connected to 3 worlds: Down World – Nav, Middle World – Jav, Upper World – Prav.

Through this practice, we connect with the universal principles and energy flows of nature itself. The entire practice is based on addressing nature, naturalelements and our harmony with them. It is the basis and the beginning of our healing in the modern world. Literacy about the natural laws of our ancient Slavic ancestors. Through this practice, we become energetically literate and return to these basic laws. As a result, our body, emotions, and mind change and harmonize with nature, and we become aware of our connection with the Universe. The goal of the practice itself is a woman’s life in harmony withnature in all its peculiarities, virtues and beauties.. As well as the healing of the female principle and the return to its Holy Purpose, with which it can live harmoniously with the male principle, and in communion with it support the great Wheel of Life.

Who are Bereginyas?

BEREGINYAS are the Feminine aspect of the Slavic Deity. Bereginyas are Goddesses who protect the righteous Man. Thus, patronesses give us fertility, health, preservation of values and strength to overcome obstacles on the way to change. They are the Forces of Nature, the “Spirits” of earth, forest, wind, light and water. They help in maintaining the balance in nature, and in understanding and harmonizing the Life cycle: Life – Death – Life. We can ask for their help when we need it, but we will not get it if we violate the laws of nature.

On the contrary, any misuse of natural laws will give us lessons from which we will learn about karma and goodness through our personal experiences. It’s not a punishment, it’s the law of karma that is enhanced with the support of Bereginyas.

So we can ask them for help to understand our karma, purify it and heal our life, our family tree, and provide our contribution to humanity. Although the Bereginyas are the Feminine aspect that becomes even more powerful when it is embodied in a Woman. Bereginya women also help men, especially those who have a Bereginya woman by their side, an embodied Bereginya who supports them. Such a union of Harmony in partnership gives a healthy life and healing to its Kin. Bereginyas can help us enter deep into our unconscious field and understand the causes of certain problems, diseases, blockages and difficulties. And through communication with them, we have the opportunity to return to nature and to find in it a cure for everything, curing the cause and not the consequences Returning to Nature is Returning to Self. Returning to Self is the realization that we are Nature Bereginyas are here to help us along the way.

My Bereginyas Experience

My first feeling when I read just the announcement for the course of Bereginyas was chilling all over my body and my heart pounding. Even though I didn’t even know what this practice was, who the Bereginyas are… I just felt the call of something ancient, which is calling to come back to life because it is necessary for all of us, and now the time has finally come for it to be possible.

The system that came to us here in the Balkan is from Russia. And besides Russia, many schools of this old knowledge under different names are represented and developed in other Slavic countries (Poland, Ukraine, Belarus…)

As I came into contact with the basics of this knowledge, I continue my independent work deeply and dedicatedly, with an emphasis on everyday life. Through independent practice, I come to the opening of a large Informational Field of Knowledge, insight, and well-being, both in my own life and on the path of my healing, as well as with other women who are engaged in this practice or to whom I have imparted knowledge.

For the first year and a half, I practiced only for myself, “listening to my own story”, as I often like to say.

Day by day, the practice brought me more and more healing and changes in my life for the better. And after that time, as I began to connect more and more with the Bereginyas and listen to their guidance as the Great Female Power of preservation, well-being, and fertility, the call that was in me from the first moment came, and that is to share the practice with others And so I start with online workshops, consultations and Slavic Horoscope readings.

I witness the natural birth of the systematic acquisition and transfer of knowledge through work and experience. As well as the fact that in a short period there is a spread of the practice itself, the spread of good news, and therefore an increase in the sanctity of women on a wider level to which we contribute to these virtues.

It is an honor for me to take part in it, and to be an example that seemingly small steps are of great importance for many if we dare to take them, even when it is not easy, as long as we keep our path pure.

When I strengthened my connection with Bereginyas, I left all other activities and dedicated myself only to working in that field. Spreading and reviving this treasure here, in our region, and with women around the world.

I am grateful for the knowledge that comes to me mostly through practice, work, and experience, and I have no choice but to share it so that these current and new generations of women who are yet to come to know that they have great benefits and support that is thousands of years old in new forms in this new age of our creation. The Old is there to support the New Values, the New is here to give life to the Old Values and contribute to their preservation. It is precisely in such relationships that the questions and answers to the eternal principles of the universe are found.

Benefits of Practice

– Connection with yourself, your body, emotions and consciousness

– Awakening and development of primordial female energy – Divine Feminine

– Integration of the physical, emotional and mental body, which opens the way to the Higher States of Consciousness

– Redistribution of energy in the body (release of excesses and activation where energy is needed)

– Flexibility, harmony and peace with yourself and your environment

– Strengthening the connection with nature and the universal principles of the universe

– Improving immunity and strengthening health

– Harmonization of Hormones

– Wholeness and Healing

– The path to self-healing and the discovery of natural ways of healing the cause

– Vitality of life forces, increase of libido and fertility

– Karmic purifications

– Harmony in the family system

– Establishing a healthy Partnership or healing a Partnership

– Harmonization of the Feminine and Masculine aspects

– Awareness and development of creation through female energy

– Conserving your energy, receiving and providing energy protection

– Letting go of the past and creating in the present moment

– Physical beauty and sensuality

– Learning the universal language of symbols

– Learning to consciously manage the energy flows in yourself – mastering yourself

– A tool to approach problem-solving

– Activating Genetic Memory, Past Lives, Family and Soul Inheritance

– Knowing your purpose (your gift and where to direct yourself energetically)

– Cosmic Dance between the Upper and Down World, Through our existence as Women in the Middle World

– The embodiment of Bereginyas in Woman – Woman Bereginya

And much more, depending on current possibilities, and needs and work on yourself through practice. Through each woman, the practice of Bereginyas lives its story, and that is why all these benefits do not come at once, but through a process and the power of intention. As well as the fact that various others can be developed that I have not even mentioned… Also, these are all my personal experiences and the experiences of the students I have worked with. And I emphasize that this practice is as complex as life itself and that it blossoms in every woman through her unique ways and the gifts of the Universe. I believe that through the years of development this list will become wider and longer.


The System of Knowledge and My Method of Work

This system of knowledge has 27 Bereginyas (Energies/Archetypes). The entire system of their mutual networking, relations, and communication are based on the principle of the Golden Section and the Slavic Horosop of Kin. There are actually 3 times 9 Bereginyas, which makes a total of 27 of them. So, the perfect system of the Universe, on the basis of which there is a large number of approaches and communication with this practice. Also through this system, we have the possibility to get the information we need and to work on ourselves through our field of interest. Accordingly, the approaches are varied, and in the following text, I will focus on the fields that I personally deal with and what you can get by working with me.

One of the first questions is where to start with this complex system of exercises?

In relation to the benefits and complexity of the practice itself, my favorite answer to this question is to redirect it to the one who asks the question – What do you want? What is your personal need, what do you want to work on right now and what do you want to know and develop in yourself?

1. If you want to meet yourself, learn how to be in silence with yourself and self-observation, learn to nurture your space and to “read your story” for yourself within that time, and how to better control yourself and your gifts and to purify in yourself what blocks and hinders you…

Then my answer is to start from your Personal Sequence of Bereginyas. The Personal Sequence is a complex of 9 Bereginja exercises that is calculated according to our date, time and place of birth, i.e. the position of the Sun and the Moon at the moment we came into this world. Of those 9 Bereginjas, one is our Main – Crown Energy – Archetype in which we were born. That Bereginya is also our main protector, and we have the opportunity to embody her energy in this life.

Realizing our Crown Energy gives us answers on the way to realizing our Personal Purpose and clear directions on how to act on that issue specifically in the Middle World.

Next in the series is Bereginya of challenge – Energy which allows us to see clearly what it is that we need to learn, it challenges us because through it we learn and grow.

And, we also have Bereginya, who is our Medicine – this energy caresses and nourishes us so that she relieves us and neutralizes the energy of challenges.

Then we have a Series of 6 energies – Bereginyas which are the support for all these 3 primary ones.The entire Series of 9 Energies (which are sometimes repeated) is actually our primer energy record, at the level of energy it makes up our energy profile that has a clear connection with the world of matter.


2. If you need to develop your femininity, flexibility and harmony. To go deeper into the knowledge of what it all means to be a woman, how much diversity and complexity we have within us, the layers that require care and attention and mutual communion within each woman. If you want to get to know all the Archetypes and ways to activate them and manage them through movement, supported by affirmations and symbols…

Then my answer is to start from the Basic Level of all 27 Bereginyas. You will learn what each of them means, how its movement is performed and what sacred meaning it carries. What are its symbol and affirmation and why? You will learn to practice for yourself and you will have a reliable tool for integration and knowledge of your layers and the possibilities that you carry within you.

3. If you need to know the theoretical complex system of Bereginja and you are interested in how you can calculate the Slavic Horoscope of Kin (individual complexes for yourself and your loved ones). To understand the mutual cause and effect relationship in the energy system, how they cause each other and how they neutralize each other. When are energies in balance and when in disbalance, where are the blockages and what can be helpful?

Then my answer is to go further, after you finish the basic level, to the next step of knowledge to the 2. Level – Slavic Horoscope of Kin. You will learn how to calculate horoscopes for yourself and for others. You will learn for each of the 27 Bereginyas which energy is a challenge and which is a cure and why that is so, where the other energies that support it are located and what causes it. How to use this complex system of Horoscop to calculate it on a daily bases and use it to understand life, how to understand deeper causes of problems and find cures for them, how to predict and prepare for what is coming to your life, and help others in it too. And most of all you will learn to understand the synchronicities of life and how to use them as your guide.

If you already know the practice (or all of the above) and want to continue learning and progress or you need the support of a women’s circle..

Then my answer is to follow my Thematic workshops for Advanced Groups. On them, we open new fields of different approaches and ways of working.As it were, the Old Knowledge Research Group is alive. And you can also explore what other instructors of this practice have to offer you. We currently have about 10 female instructors and there are many more in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus….


The Symbols of Bereginyas

The SYMBOLS we use in Bereginja practice are from Belarus Here in the Balkans, the language of symbols is the strongest language of Slavic culture, which managed to survive despite the extermination and devastation caused by historical events. The language of symbols is a universal language, and when we learn these 27 Belarusian symbols, we have the opportunity to understand a large number of symbols that we find not only in the Balkans but also around the world through the legacies of other cultures and communities.

The significance of symbols is extremely strong for the reason that they are actually our shortcut to the connection with the Universal Divine Forces.

They are energy records, and codes, are recorded in symbols. The exercises of connection with symbols strengthen and practice our connection with certain energies, sharpen our consciousness, and teach us the language of light and communication with the truth (because in this way we register much more easily what is a lie and protect ourselves from manipulations of various kinds and support truthfulness).

Just like the entire Bereginya system, all Old Slavic Symbols are based on the principle of the Golden Section, i.e. Sacred Geometry. As such, they are our direct connection to the Universe.

Every aspect in us, every energy in us, has its own code, its own light record. These codes and light records are also found all around us. For this reason, when we connect with certain 

aspects of ourselves, we attract those same aspects from existence into our vicinity. And that is the energy principle of synchronicity (there is no mysticism in that… And even less coincidence…). It is a matter of logic in the law of the universe. And when we surround ourselves with symbols or practice with them. We consciously invite certain energies into our field with a certain purpose and intention.

How do you practice with symbols?!

There are many approaches, but the essential work with symbols is based on first learning the meaning of a certain symbol, the energy we want to activate. And that we are clear about why we want that particular energy.

Symbols are either made through embroidery, weaving, drawing and painting on various materials and spaces, and we can draw them on ourselves on certain parts of our body consciously and conscientiously. The next way is to visualize the Symbol without movement or with movement. And as a more advanced form of working with symbols, we do visual absorption of symbols – “staring” at the symbol. When the absorption of the symbol is strengthened, with closed eyes we allow the light opposition to appear, when we master the absorption of the symbol, we can move it with our “inner vision” in the desired direction or follow it “where it wants to go”. Of extreme importance in this practice is exposure to sunlight, as well as resting the eyes in complete darkness. In this way, our light perception improves and we see these differences more clearly in our visual perception.

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